It is with great pleasure, it is to be announced that dovetailing the successful launching of Kolagala.com, the prestigious “Kolagala Adventure” a free classified Newspaper has also been started now for the lucrative usage of our bellowed Viewer / Clients. The reason for selecting the name of the newly launched classified free Newspaper as that of Kolagala Adventure exclusively is because of the glorious combination of advertisement and the related Venture Connected with it.
The Kolagala Adventure is to make its gleeful appearances by way of Digital E-Paper and Mobile Android apart from the printed newspaper giving a 3 way benefit to the Viewer / Clients. At this juncture, we are indeed happy to make a mention that we are in the sphere of Newspaper for the last more than twelve years attending the entities of Content Development, Publishing Digitally Converted E-Papers besides remaining as the notable International Media outsourcing establishment. We are really proud that Journalists with more than Twenty Five Years of seasoned experience are with us looking after the various aspects of Newspaper activities. Hence, it is needless to say that we are fully equipped with the requisite experience and knowledge for the stating of an Advertisement Newspaper.
It is quite interesting to note that the venture of starting a Free-Advertisement Newspaper was first done in the United Kingdom and they are successfully run there till date. Stepping up on the same lines, the newspaper of Kolagala Adventure has also been started. The secret behind the success of our newspaper mission in other countries is sheerly due to the disciplined and the planned efforts initiated by us. It is also to be putforth that top importance is being assignment by us in the wake of distribution of Newspaper too amongst travelers. Malls, toll gates and the crowding points with floating population.
We cordially invite our esteemed Viewer / Clients to convey any of their needs so as to fulfill the same by way of inclusion of their advertisements in the Kolagala Adventure. We are sure that you are bound to derive the best of benefits by entering into the columns of Kolagala Adventure.

Kolagala.com today’s bites1 - In his 1875 book, A History of Advertising From the Earliest Times, Henry Sampson wrote that billboards of a sort were present in Pompeii in -- 79 A.D.! "The walls ... are covered with notices. These advertisements, hasty and transitory as they are, bear voluminous testimony as to the state of society, the wants and requirements and the actual standard of public taste of the Romans in that age."

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